Writing and Running

I get a lot of my inspiration when out running. Running is quite new in my life as I only started last year in the hope of completing a 5k Race For Life. I did complete the race but I had to walk on a couple of occasions. No big deal. I didn’t take it seriously back then, running in a £5 pair of Matalan trainers!

After christmas though, I realised I missed being outside, that feeling of freedom when out in the countryside. I missed the wind in my hair and the peace and quiet it brings. I missed the me time and the high after beating my PB. All clichéd, I know. But true.

So since January I have been getting back on track with a Couch to 5K (C25K) program. Today I ran my first 5k distance without stopping to walk. It’s a great feeling. Such a high.

It reminded me of writing. Writing can be like running. Sometimes it’s hard work to get going. You can spend so much time getting ready to get out there, thinking about making a move, fiddling with your laces…and never actually getting out the door and running.

I can sit for ages in front of my computer or notebook without ever actually getting something down.

So annoying.

I never intended to run the 5k today. Never expected it in a million years. But, I did. I just stepped out of my door and ran (after a brief warm up of course). I got to a point where I would normally stop, but I felt good so kept on going. Only once did I think I should stop. A few deep breaths cured that and I just kept going.

I think it is the way forward with writing. Don’t be afraid. Don’t over-think it. Just step out that door in your mind and go for it. Feel that wind in your hair. Have that you time, that time between you and your characters/plot/story/poem. When you feel like you should stop, breath deep and keep going. You can do it. I did.

Last week I had a great story idea that came to me while running through a wooded area. I won’t say too much about it as it is a work-in-progress. But I would never have had that idea if I hadn’t gone for a run.

So, I guess what I am saying is, for me running and writing go hand-in-hand, in so many ways.

I am thankful for them both in my life.

Happy writing/reading everyone.



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