A Poem A Day

I read a blog earlier this year (can’t remember who or where) where a poet was attempting to build up material for a new collection but was struggling with the task of getting enough together. She decided to try to write a poem a day. Some days she banged out stonking good poetry (she said) and others she managed a few lines and ideas. But by the end of the 365 days she had, in raw form, over 200 poems. Some days were missed due to unforseen circumstances but she kept plugging away and made it to that number.

Her obvious next step would be the editing process but I think I agree with her when she claimed that half the battle was getting the ideas down.

So, because I don’t think I have enough to do with the kids, the housework, Uni research, Interning with Stairwell Books, open mic nights, helping with the Ryedale Book Festival and the York Literature Festival…I have decided to write a poem a day!

I think this will be good for me. It will give me a goal. Maybe it will help me focus more on writing my ideas down rather than thinking up something and then forgetting it 30 minutes later.

I have been trying to write short stories recently. It’s where I started out after all. But I think my head and my heart wants to write poetry. It needs the ‘instant’ and the ‘heartfelt’. It’s where I belong right now.

So tomorrow will be day one. I would like to post them up here but I fear there will be some tripe that I don’t want you…yes YOU, my readers, to see. If I just so happen to write something awesome then there is no point putting it here as I may want to send it for publication. Hmmmm…maybe I will tempt you with snippets, trailers, teasers…to keep you interested.

Wish me luck! 365 poems this year.

Yeah Baby!!!


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