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I have recently set up a facebook page to keep folks up to date with events I am reading at and other note-worthy spoken word events in the Yorkshire area.

If you are on facebook and would like up-to-date information about stuff that’s going on then please ‘like’ my page.!/VickiBartramWriter

Vicki Bartram – Writer

Awww I’d be ever so grateful, so I would!



Airing It For The First Time

I have been writing some new poems lately for my ‘poem a day’ project which isn’t exactly working out as a poem a day but it still makes me stop and write something more than I was doing before.

I have written some terrible stuff, don’t we all! (please, tell me you all do too…) but I have also been able to edit together some interesting and even audience-worthy work. I will be reading out a¬†new poem at a book launch tomorrow night (details at the end of this post) and I have to say I am rather nervous about it.

I have been re-reading the same stuff for quite a while now; poems that I have been told are good by the audience, or poems that have been published and so (I feel) hold some kind of credibility. It has been quite a while since I have shared something completely new.

I have had a friend look through it, give me some feedback and I have edited and tweaked until I felt I was fairly happy with it. Truth is I am never really happy with most of my work. It seems it can always be edited just a little further. I have been practicing reading the poem out loud to ensure I don’t stumble, that the flow and rhythm roll easily from my tongue.

I was told to think of it as a good chance to find out how the poem feels, how people react to it, and whether it works or not. I was advised to think of it as a good thing. But I am so worried that my best work is behind me. Have I peaked too soon? This could be the poem that flops and ruins me!

I don’t know why I am so nervous. Do other writers get this? How do you feel about airing new work (poetry or prose)? Is it exciting or do you fear you’ll be looked upon as a fool?

Would be nice to hear how you guys cope.




Pressed By Unseen Feet


If any readers are in the Yorkshire area tomorrow then I strongly recommend stopping by the Pressed By Unseen Feet (published by Stairwell Books) book launch. Many great local writers will be performing their spook-filled work including Steve Nash, Helen Sant, Tim Ellis, Andy Humphrey, Rose Drew, Alan Gillot and myself. There will also be a few open mic slots available (limited so please comment on the facebook page if you are interested). Details can be found on the facebook page here:!/events/395269667209662/


Hotel Dun Vin

The Mount


YO24 1AX

Doors open at 7pm

£6 entry (includes a copy of the book)


Hope to see you there!





Routines and Timetables

I am organised. So organised you wouldn’t believe! I have a pretty spreadsheet with colourful boxes that signify what I should be doing at any allocated time. I have my runs, my writing, my Uni work, the school run all timetabled to perfection.

Do I use it? Do I heck!

I recently read a blog by writer¬†Elizabeth R. Murray (¬†¬†) about sorting out a routine to best suit your daily life. The importance of treating writing as your work is not something I have ever been successful at. In fact, you’d be safe to say that I feel incredibly guilty about shutting myself away and spending time writing.

I think it may stem from my enjoyment of writing. You aren’t supposed to enjoy your work, right?

But if I am ever going to actually get enough (good)¬†words down on paper or word processor then I need to shut myself away and do the writing. I spend plenty of time writing in my notebook; ideas, images, observations, etc, but I rarely make something out of them. This is where¬†the ‘work’ time come in…and it’s time I need to find in my day to day life.

Elizabeth shares her new-found writing routine at the end of her blog and I am extremely envious of the time she can spend writing. I will have to try to be more savvy with my time and I have been sat in front of my spreadsheet for most of the morning trying to tweak it to a sensible layout for my life. It has proved difficult but I am getting there.

I’d love to ask what your writing routines and timetables are like? Particularly those of you with lots of other commitments like children, University, work, family. How do you fit it all in?

I’d love to hear your advice/views/troubles and triumphs so post away in the comments and share your experiences…

Garden Shed

In a splintered, cobwebbed cave

my brother and I

make pies from dirt and stone.

We snuck the tarnished spoon,

from an unguarded door,

frosted like forgotten breath

on a window pane.

We dip the dull head

into wet earth,

stirring carefully,

breaking up clumped clots

of brown and maroon,

serving up the warmth.

Turbulence Magazine

Issue 10 of Turbulence Magazine is out now, featuring yours truly.

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