Monthly Archives: November 2015

30 Poems/Flash Fiction in 30 Days

Inspired by an amazingly talented friend of mine, Steve Toase (who is also known as the Master of Flash Fiction in many circles), I am giving myself the challenge to write 30 pieces of work over the next 30 days.

As I am keen to gather enough work to put together a book of poetry one day, I am aiming to fill the 30 days with mostly poetry. 

However, to keep things interesting and to mix it up a little, I’m also going to dabble with some flash fiction too. This will help train me to get back into the writing ‘habit’ and fitting it into my day again. 

I was talking to a friend today and, while we chatted over coffee, our notebooks and pens on table grasping for inspiration, I realised I have lost my ‘writing identity’. It’s been so long since I’ve had the courage to write that I’ve become too scared to do it. 

What if I’m no good? 

What if I’ve lost the ability to think creatively? 

What if my life just isn’t interesting enough to produce interesting writing?

What if I’m really, seriously no good?

I’m sure every writer has these thoughts and if I’m to overcome them I have to force myself to write, even if it is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever written. I’m sure I’ll churn out plenty of rubbish before I get my mojo back. I just need to be brave enough to do it.

So I’m going to!

I’m not going to post each day’s task as, for example, today’s was dire. But maybe I’ll feel happy about some pieces and want to share. As my confidence grows, then so too will my posts on this blog.