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Routines and Timetables

I am organised. So organised you wouldn’t believe! I have a pretty spreadsheet with colourful boxes that signify what I should be doing at any allocated time. I have my runs, my writing, my Uni work, the school run all timetabled to perfection.

Do I use it? Do I heck!

I recently read a blog by writer Elizabeth R. Murray ( http://ermurray.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/is-your-routine-good-enough/ ) about sorting out a routine to best suit your daily life. The importance of treating writing as your work is not something I have ever been successful at. In fact, you’d be safe to say that I feel incredibly guilty about shutting myself away and spending time writing.

I think it may stem from my enjoyment of writing. You aren’t supposed to enjoy your work, right?

But if I am ever going to actually get enough (good) words down on paper or word processor then I need to shut myself away and do the writing. I spend plenty of time writing in my notebook; ideas, images, observations, etc, but I rarely make something out of them. This is where the ‘work’ time come in…and it’s time I need to find in my day to day life.

Elizabeth shares her new-found writing routine at the end of her blog and I am extremely envious of the time she can spend writing. I will have to try to be more savvy with my time and I have been sat in front of my spreadsheet for most of the morning trying to tweak it to a sensible layout for my life. It has proved difficult but I am getting there.

I’d love to ask what your writing routines and timetables are like? Particularly those of you with lots of other commitments like children, University, work, family. How do you fit it all in?

I’d love to hear your advice/views/troubles and triumphs so post away in the comments and share your experiences…